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Kids’ room wall decor grows up: from baby to teen (Part 2)

After a longer than planned interval, here is part 2 of the kids’ room wall decor topic. If you didn’t get a chance before, don’t forget to read the section about baby and small children’s rooms. As kids grow up and start to have more of their own interests, hobbies, and opinions, the decoration of their personal space in the house is the ideal place to reflect that, giving them a space that is uniquely theirs.

3) Pre-teen rooms

Here’s a girl’s bedroom where the wall decor  allows for growing up at her own pace. The giant corkboard with a classic, gilded frame lets the child easily decorate and update the room with things that are important to her.

In this young girl’s room, a flowery, romantic painted wall mural combined with starry lights embedded in the ceiling creates a magical atmosphere. I have a feeling this one will need a re-painting as she gets older, so keep that in mind!

This is a more contemporary version using a white tree decal on a pastel-colored wall. Here it would be easier to update the room with new sheets as she gets older. Imagine it with grey, green or blue instead of the pink.

For giving a general theme to a room, a child’s hobbies and interests give great direction for fun decor ideas that make the room a child’s instead of just having them live in an adult decor.  Here are a few inspirational pictures for kids who are interested in science and engineering. What a fun rocket and planets painting for a pre-teen child:

Wonderful airplane artwork that can decorate an adult room as well:

A large star chart helps with astronomy learning:

I love the combination of the molecule wall mural with the silly photograph of Albert Einstein for this young scientist’s room:

Sports are also a theme with a lot of potential for both pre-teen and teen rooms. In this pre-teen boy’s room, for example, the wall art takes a cue from his interest in a variety of sports, using framed pictures as well as a painted mural personalized with his name.

Here’s another fun idea for a young athlete: a vinyl silhouette of an ice-skater and the child’s ribbons forming a colorful border at the top of the wall. Even the old skates she has grown out of find a place in the decor.

In this modern, gender-neutral tennis-themed room, the child’s trophies are used as the main artwork, celebrating his or her successes. Its modern look easily covers both pre-teen and teen years. If the athlete gets tired of his or her sport, the tennis theme can easily be modified by simply replacing the tennis balls and themed pillows. Just changing the color of the sheets and what’s on the shelves would change the concept completely.

4) Teen rooms

As children enter into their teen years, they want to feel more like adults than like children, even though they aren’t there yet, so the decor of their rooms should show that without losing a youthful feel. For example, this yellow and green girl’s bedroom has a sophisticated touch that will allow her to feel at home even when she comes home to visit from college. The mix of artwork chosen is fresh and fun without being childish.

Here the decor of the room is quite adult and contemporary, including the modern, neutrally colored floral artwork hung above the bed. What gives it a youthful feel for a teen girl is the carefully chosen bright paint color on the accent wall, which is complemented by accessories in the same color.

Here the large, white polka-dot decals on brightly colored accent wall add a youthful touch to a classical decor:

Many girls lose their love for the color pink as they get older, so cooler colors start to prevail. Adult, contemporary artwork helps bring a sophisticated touch:

It still makes sense to consider the teen’s hobbies and interests for the decor if they want to. In this example, sports team materials are framed as wall art, honoring memories of wins and the feeling of being part of a team:

And here a series of large, canvas prints depicting his favorite sport create personality:

In this example, the teen musician’s instruments add a personal touch to a very modern, neutrally colored room design:

And finally, here some colorful, pop-art portraits of the Beatles brighten up a sophisticated black accent wall:

The most important thing when redecorating an older child’s room is to plan the project together with the pre-teen or teenager. They’ll want to direct the style and maybe even paint the walls themselves. Make it a project that the family can do as a team and have fun with it. So teens and parents, put your thinking caps on, your pencils to the pad and brainstorm what you can do to make the room special!


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