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Kids’ room wall decor grows up: from baby to teen (Part 1)

Decorating a child’s room presents a challenge all its own, since children’s needs change as they grow up. The room for the new baby can be decorated to the parents’ taste, but later the kids develop their own views and opinions about their space in the house.

If you don’t want to redecorate the whole room every couple of years, changing the artwork is an easy way to update the room as your child grows up.

Let’s have a look at some ideas for how wall decor can help adapt a room for different ages. This post will look at rooms for smaller children and Part 2 will feature ideas for pre-teens and teens.

1) Baby and toddler rooms

For a baby’s nursery, in general, any room decor that the parents like will work. I’ve seen many different approaches, from a classical pink and lacy decor clearly designed for a baby girl to a converted study where a crib replaces the desk. The wall decor can help to create a stimulating and playful ambiance that will also make it a place for a toddler to play.

In this nursery for example, the framed Dr. Seuss posters and the wall shelves filled with children’s books and toys clearly identify it as a child’s territory, while providing storage at the same time.

In a different style, this modern artwork featuring a bunny-rabbit adds a whimsical touch above the changing table of this gender neutral baby’s room.

This nursery has a great accent wall that hints at a starry night, providing contrast to stimulate the baby’s vision. Though the other wall features “adult” artwork in the same theme, it could easily be modified with other, more playful or colorful pieces later on.

An eclectic mix of colorful letters above the crib adds a playful touch to this room with walls and carpet in neutral colors.

Another fun nursery with great, contrasty textiles and a cool gallery wall above the crib. The pieces of artwork aren’t especially child-oriented, but the combination conveys a playful and loving feel that works for babies as well as young children.

Here is another one where a wallpaper full of frames is used to pull together photographs and drawings stuck to the wall.

2) Young child’s bedrooms

How about letting your kids help decorate? You can give them space on the wall where they can feature a choice of their own favorite drawings and paintings. This colorful art station serves to inspire, maintain order and decorate the wall.

In this example, a custom-made headboard can be personalized with their own art, and the white wall gets more colorful as pieces are hung.

The wallpaper from the nursery photo above could also be used to frame the pieces. If you want to keep the walls a bit more off-limits, how about a fun pin-board to keep it flexible? You could cover the cork with a fun fabric to match the room’s decor.

Another flexible idea is using a rope and clothespins to hang the pieces, as in this example, where they used a jump rope.

Below the bunk bed, in the room below is a wall painted with blackboard paint to give room for drawing with chalk. Your kids’ favorite toys or activities can also be inspiration for the wall decor. Here both the furniture and a wall mural have a Lego theme.

If a painted wall mural is too much investment, or you would like to be more flexible as your child’s interests change, themed posters and decals will also work.

This room for twin girls who love princesses was designed by a mom who was never a “girly girl”. She used a large quote on one wall and some framed princess prints to highlight the theme. Once the girls grow out of the princess stage, they can easily change the room’s ambiance, as the walls are a soft green, rather than girly pink.

Framed princess prints

Framed princess prints. Source: Apartment Therapy

Ledges to hold books or art pieces are a great way to keep updating a wall. This couple used it to display a set of flash cards that help their little girl learn to read. Their blog gives detailed instructions for how to build and install the decorative ledges.

For a contemporary look, you can also hang modern, graphic pieces with animals and playful shapes in fun colors.

And one last little girl’s room with a playful mural in pastel colors, and if you look carefully on the right of the picture, a Hello Kitty painting which is reflected in the mirror on the back of the door.

That’s all for today. Come back soon to read Part 2 about Pre-teen and Teen bedrooms.


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