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Creating a home gallery in your staircase

This is a follow-up post to Make the most of your hallway: turn it into an art gallery. I talked about a variety of ways to hang art in your hallways, which in many homes connect to stairs. If you haven’t read that post yet, read it now!

Here we explore the particularities of hanging artwork in stairways, which involve viewing the art in motion from different viewpoints, natural focus points created by landings, and the changing floor height relative to the ceiling.

This one is an alternative where the staircase wall is used to elegantly display family photos. The arrangement follows the stepped pattern provided by the stairs. Printing the photos in black and white and framing them in frames that, though varied in design, all follow the same color scheme of white, grey, slate blue and green, creates a look that pulls it all together.

And here another example of a stairway where one wall is completely covered in small artworks, in this case magazine covers designed by the owner. The matching white frames and geometrically aligned configuration make them form a unit creating the effect of one giant artwork. When hanging artwork in stairs, think about how it will look both going up and down the stairs. Here a person going down the stairs has a great view of everything as she comes down the upper flight before the turn.

If so many artworks together is too much for you, or you don’t have a lot of pieces to hang, you can elect a more minimalist approach. The wall at the top or bottom of the stairs is a natural focal point where a single, large artwork creates big impact.

Landings also provide a good opportunity to display a smaller number of pieces and avoid the difficulty of hanging them at changing heights as the stairs climb.

As always, I welcome your opinions on these solutions and your ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Creating a home gallery in your staircase

  1. Very creative solutions you have posted here! This is being seen more and more, people brightining up the structures within their homes. A friend of mine managed to fill up their spiral stairs with pictures and artwork creating a trail of colours and contrasts. I cant wait to see more solutions like this come by, keep up the great posts!

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