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How to have fun shopping for art

In a post a few months ago called No more excuses: tips for decorating your new home’s blank walls I talked about how to select art for your home, and I recommended “window shopping” for art regularly in stores, galleries, artist’s studios, art fairs, museums, traveling, etc.

Looking at art as part of your travel, entertainment and shopping habits is a lot of fun and allows you to understand your own likes and dislikes and figure out what is your style as an art buyer.

Think of it as a wonderful treasure hunt, where the prize is eventually finding an artwork you love that will become part of the decor in your home for a lifetime.

When you see something you like, ask yourself what you like about it, taking note of the subject, colors, medium and style. When see something that gives you a “yuck” or “boring” reaction, also ask yourself what about the piece causes that reaction. Once you understand why you like some pieces and dislike others, you can seek out places that show more of the type of artwork you do like.

Don’t be intimidated by galleries. The gallerist is there to help you and will be happy to answer your questions about the work and the artist. After all, you are a potential customer. Ask them about the technique used to create the work or about the artist’s biography. Over time, you will become more knowledgeable.

Gallery openings are also a less intimidating way to visit, as there are lots of people that evening and you can mingle (and usually have a glass of wine) as well as look at the art.

If, like most of us, you have a limited budget, start by shopping for prints instead of paintings, as they tend to be more affordable. Or look at paintings of unknown artists who are active in your area, or works by art students. Limited edition prints are usually more expensive than open edition prints, because the artist guarantees that only this limited number will be sold, giving it more uniqueness value.

I have three shows in the next couple of months in London and Munich, so if you will be there, you could check them out to get started. One is a collective show where several artists each show one piece. Another is a solo show of limited edition photographs. And finally, in the one in London, I am exhibiting together with one other artist, who is a painter.

Enjoy! And, as always, please share your thoughts about shopping for art with us …


images from Gallery Kobeia show

My solo exhibition “The Beauty of Buddhist Symbols” at Gallery Kobeia in Munich features striking, colorful photographs from Southeast Asia in beautifully-framed, limited edition prints. You can visit the show during the next two months. More info >>

Gallery Kobeia, Luisenstraße 49, D-80333 München
Open Tuesday – Friday 14-19h and Saturday 11-15h, or by appointment.


images Flaxon Ptootch show

In my London debut, I will be showing some amazing limited edition prints from my abstract photography series “Cracked” at the hip Flaxon Ptootch Salon-Gallery in Kentish Town together with figurative painter Jim Foreman.

Please join us for the private viewing at 7p on Thursday, November 14th. It will be a happening event with drinks and music. More info >>

Flaxon Ptootch, 237 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2JT
Open 10:30am ’till 7pm daily, but not on Tuesdays or Sundays.



I’m participating in the collective show titled “Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXX” at Autoren Galerie 1 in Munich with a unique cyanotype print. More info >>

If you would like to attend the invitation-only author reading at the closing on Thursday, November 14th, please email me to see if there is still space and reserve with the gallery.

Autoren Galerie 1, Pündterplatz 6 / IV, 80803 München – Schwabing
Open Wednesday – Friday 13-18:30h and Saturday 10-14h, or by appointment


4 thoughts on “How to have fun shopping for art

  1. Lovely work nicnue and a useful article. We are an online art store focussing on photographic prints for walls at

    Being as we sell images by our team of photographers, they are printed on either acrylic art or canvas, not limited edition but they’re the kind of images you won’t find in the high street gallery shops.

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