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4 more ideas for decorating with vacation photos, even with smaller file sizes

If you haven’t yet, check out my tips for taking pictures for decorating in my previous post.

It’s always better to have high resolution files for printing, but if you’ve already taken the pictures on your mobile phone or in a lower resolution setting on your camera, here are some options for using smaller prints or collages to decorate. These options give the best results with high resolution files but can still work with somewhat smaller jpgs.

1. Framed picture group

Select your 4, 6, or 9 best photos, depending on the look you want. Try to pick a group of photos that will look good together, with similar color tones or related subjects. If they are very varied, you could convert them to black and white to unify the look. Crop the photos to a square format and frame them in matching frames with a white or cream mat to hang together as a group.

You can also do this with rectangular pictures and frames, but that requires more planning to make sure that they will create a pleasing geometry. It’s easiest if you select all vertical or all horizontal pictures. You can try out the order and final selection of the pictures by arranging the prints on a table before framing.

2. Make a hallway or the stairs your photo gallery

Each year you can frame a few photos and hang them in the hall or stairway. Over time, you can add more pictures using similar frames to make a picture wall.

3. Create a mosaic poster from your Facebook or Instagram photos

If you are an Instagram fan or have taken pictures in low resolution with your camera or mobile phone, creating a mosaic poster of with many small photos is a good alternative to capture the atmosphere of your vacation. There are a number of services that offer this option. Here are one blogger’s instructions for creating the mosaic with photos imported from Instagram in a service that lets you create a pdf that you can then print where ever you like. And another example where you can make canvas mosaic prints from Instagram or Facebook photos.

 Instagram mosaic example

Instagram mosaic example (Source:

4. Photo wall with a whole bunch of small prints

Make small prints of your favorite photos at your local photo lab. 10×15 cm (4×6 in) or 13×18 cm (5×7 in) would be a good size. Use either a wire grate or a series of strings strung along the wall to hang them with clothes pins. As a plus, you can change the pictures easily and cheaply to keep it fresh. For a fun twist, mix in some postcard from your destination.

Please note:

The links to the printing services I have provided are intended to provide examples of the ideas I am explaining. I have not tried any of these services and do not recommend or endorse them. There are many other alternatives. If you have experiences with them, or recommendations of others, please share your experiences with my other readers.


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