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No more excuses: tips for decorating your new home’s blank walls

You moved into a new house or apartment some time ago and you’ve furnished it, but the walls are still blank. You haven’t even hung the pictures you had up in your old place. Does this sound like you? Why haven’t you hung anything? There are a million excuses: we don’t have time (or money) to shop for new artwork, we are tired of the old pictures, we don’t want it to look cluttered, we have no idea where to begin, we don’t want to hang one thing in case it doesn’t go with what we haven’t bought yet, etc. Yet you love how the things that your friends hang on their walls make their house look like home, more cozy and more personal.

Soooo … let’s get started. This is a big project that can be overwhelming, so let’s begin with some basic tips to make this fun and satisfying rather than stressful:

1. If you see an artwork that you love, buy it!

… as long as it’s within your budget, of course. You will find a place to hang it, even if you don’t know where yet when you acquire it. As you can see in this example, you’ll always find a place for a piece you love.

2. Only hang things that you love.

Don’t settle for something that’s a good fit for a space but isn’t meaningful to you. You’ll probably regret it later. With time you will find something that you do love that fits that space.

3. Take your time.

You don’t have to decorate everything at once like an interior decorator. Over a longer time period you will find things that better reflect your personality. It’s okay to have some empty walls. Just proceed one artwork at a time. When you do buy something, go ahead and hang it right away so that you can enjoy your purchase and feel the immediate reward of the time and money spent to acquire it. If later you find something that fits better for that spot, you can deal with it then, moving this piece somewhere else.

4. Keep your eyes open and be creative.

Make it a habit to regularly browse in home decor stores, art galleries, poster stores, online print shops, artists’ open studios, frame stores, museum shops, etc. On vacation is a great time to shop for wall decorations that will also be souvenirs of your trip. If you are on a limited budget, you can make your own wall art or frame your family or vacation photos.

DIY images made with spray paint


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