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3 great ideas for decorating the wall above your bed

What is the one piece of furniture that every bedroom has? The bed, of course! A double bed often dominates the decor, because it occupies a large proportion of the floor space. Unless it has a very tall headboard, the bed usually has a big wall space great for decorating above it. So let’s get started.

First, let’s think about coordinating the bedding (duvet cover, comforter, quilt, comforter cover, blanket, pillows, throw, etc.) and the wall decoration. It’s important that they be thought out together to create a unified look. If you already have bedding that you love, use it to inspire the selection of the artwork for the wall. If not, decorate the wall first, and then look for bedding to match. Think about style (modern, classic, country …), patterns and colors when you try to coordinate the elements.

In a future post, I’ll explain some key concepts and tips regarding color selection. In the mean time, play around with this color selection tool from Benjamin Moore paints to show you color combinations that will work with a main color that you pick out. If you want to dive into the deep end, check out this more complex tool to learn about color theory or try out paint colors.

Now let’s have a look at some great ideas for decorating that wall above the bed. TIP: If you live in an earthquake-risk region, avoid hanging shelves or other heavy items above the bed.

Make a pillow headboard

This idea looks pretty earthquake-safe to me and also very comfortable and cozy for reading in bed. The pillows commicate rest and relaxation. You can customize the idea with other pillow shapes and sizes or different combinations of pillowcase colors and textures. Check out more ideas for pillow headboards.

Photo of cool pillow headboard

Cool pillow headboard (from

Hang a large canvas artwork above the bed

Whether it’s a painting or a photograph, it weighs less than a piece framed behind glass of the same size and there is no risk of broken glass. Make sure to hang it high enough that your head won’t touch it if you are sitting up in bed against the wall, to avoid both hitting your head and dirtying the artwork.

Photo of eclectic bedroom with painting over bed (from

Eclectic bedroom with painting over bed (from

You can either center it above the bed, or hang it asymmetrically, depending on the style of the room and artwork.

Great combination or artwork and bedding (from

Great combination or artwork and bedding (from

Made-to-measure wall mural

Finally, you can create or install an artwork directly on the wall with paint, a vinyl sticker, or wallpaper.

Original wall mural over bed (from

Original wall mural over bed (from

This idea looks like it was done with paint but it can be implemented alternatively with custom wallpaper or a large vinyl sticker.

Photo of geometric wall mural

Geometric wall mural (from

City sihouette wall mural (from

City sihouette wall mural (from

In the next entry, we’ll move on to another room. Help decide which one in the my poll!

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