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Give your master bedroom a new look with an accent wall

Generate big impact without breaking the bank by re-decorating a single wall instead of re-doing the whole room. Create an accent wall: one wall that is treated differently from the other three. To make the most noticeable change, consider these three ideas:

1. Paint one wall with a contrasting color. If your walls are now painted white, you have a lot of flexibility. You could select a color that coordinates with your comforter cover or your curtains. Keep in mind that colors can affect your mood. Colors found in nature, like blues, greens, browns and beiges, and all pastel tones tend to be more calming, while strong colors like red and orange are more stimulating. In your bedroom are you seeking more spice or more calm? If your bedroom is already painted in a color, you can brighten the room and make it seem larger by using white or a lighter shade of the same color. You can make it feel cozier using a darker shade or a contrasting color. Alternatively, you can paint just the area where the bed is differently. To finish off the look, hang an artwork that picks up the color of the accent wall.

You can paint yourself, using these instructions from Wikihow, or hire a painter. You might be surprised that the total price difference is less than you expected. Keep in mind that, if you paint yourself, you will need to buy tools and supplies in addition to the paint in your chosen color.

2. Cover one entire wall with a photo mural. Have you always dreamed of living on a tropical island? Then turn your wall into a beach panorama! Or you could use a faux finish wallpaper that simulates a brick or wooden texture (ideas here in the link). It’s easier and cheaper to apply, clean and change if you want to update again in the future than a real textured finish. And there are even a lot of online shops where you can turn your own photo into a custom wallpaper delivered to your front door. For these big enlargements, it’s important that your photo is taken in the highest resolution setting of a good camera. A snap taken on your mobile phone won’t be enough.

photo mural

Landscape photo & mockup: Nicole Neuefeind with room photo by Shutterstock

3. Use a strongly patterned wallpaper. We all remember the floral wallpaper at grandma’s house and the geometric wallpapers from the 60’s and 70’s. After being “out” for quite some time, now wallpaper back in style in a big way. There are an enormous variety of wallpapers available to fit anyone’s taste. Check out this link for a collection of strongly patterned wallpaper examples. Try patterns that contrast well with your curtains or sheets. If you have floral sheets, think about using a wallpaper with stripes, and the reverse. Using a large pattern in subtle colors is a way to make the effect more neutral and calming. Keep in mind that hanging artwork on the patterned wall is difficult, so you may want to think about relocating anything you have hanging there now.

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